Mental Health Checklist

Check list to decide if you have a mental health problem

  • Feeling sad/worthless or helpless
  • Very lethargic or exhausted
  • Loss of interest in regular activity
  • Increase or decrease appetite
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Excessive guilt
  • Death wishes, suicidal ideas
  • Constantly worrying that something terrible will happen
  • Sudden intense fear accompanied by palpitation, sweating and chocking
  • Repetitive thoughts and impulses
  • Hearing voices talking to you or about you that you can't explain
  • Believing things that are not true
  • Feel like our mind is controlled
  • Very suspicious of others
  • Extreme forgetfulness

Please seek help if you tick yes to any of the above

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After completing my school, I joined the J.J. School of Art and I studied for five years before completing my graduation, after which I started working as a commercial artist in an advertising agency. I later went to Dubai for a year and then I came back to Mumbai. I used to drink alcohol regularly and in 1993, I gave up drinking, which was quite tough, and then joined Alcoholics Anonymous. Slowly I started smoking. That was ruining me and I was slowly losing control over myself. I was even shouting at my mother a lot, which is why I went to rehab. Through God's blessing I was able to overcome the habit, although I still in depression. I then joined COOJ and that made me feel much better. Now at the age of 48, I can say that I am feeling happy after joining COOJ, all the sessions we have and the games make me feel like it's my second home. I was given opportunities to revisit art by making paper bags, cards and painting on gift bags etc. I feel nice to say that I like COOJ as it brings me out of my shell.
Dylan Arthur