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The biggest joy anyone would get is to see a smile on another person's face. For us, that's a joy we never get tired of. Cause of Our Joy, the name says it all. Lending a helping hand, picking someone up, teaching them a skill, watching them get creative with colours and papers. It's these little joys that keep on going.

At COOJ, we strive to make sure that people walk out of here with their heads held high, that problems cease to be and that spirits stay high. At COOJ, we care...

Throughout this site you'll find information about us, on the kind of people involved and also information on how to detect mental illnesses earlier than usual, so that proper steps can be taken to rehabilitate people suffering from such illnesses.

If you would like to be part of this movement, please do feel free to contact us for information and also visit the support us page.

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As a client of COOJ, I can say that coming to COOJ has benefited me in many ways. I have gained courage to move out of the house everyday to come to the center and follow a regular pattern of work which I was unable to do in the past. I got an opportunity to meet other clients and share experiences. It enlightens my spirit.
Maria Mathias