COOJ Management

Board of Trustees

Mrs. Theresa Trinidad Mrs. Theresa Trinidad is our Founder Trustee and has been the driving force behind the setting up COOJ. In order to fulfill the dying wish of her only child, Patricia, she invested all her energies and resources into keeping her memory alive. Having worked with the Reserve Bank of India for about 30 years, all her financial skills came as an asset.
Dr. Peter Castelino Dr. Peter Castelino, Managing Trustee, is a psychiatrist with special interest in psychosocial rehabilitation. It is his constant belief that every person regardless of the level of ability can live to their optimum potential if the right opportunities and environments are provided.
Francisco Estevao D'Costa Francisco Estevao D'Costa, Secretary, has been our pillar. A man of few words but of great wisdom steers the COOJ administration. His ability comes from the skills learnt by working not only in his professional capacity at MCSC, Bahrain but also in the social voluntary sector as a key member of the Goa Central Council of the Society of St Vincent de Paul for many years.
Mrs. Lakshmy Unny Mrs. Lakshmy Unny, Assistant Secretary, is also one of the Directors of the shipping company, Agencia Comercial Maritima in Vasco. Having her elder son suffering from Schizophrenia and hence going through the various emotional stages of a caregiver, she has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to the mission of bringing hope to the many people and their families who go through the same.
Romuald Fernandes Romuald Fernandes, Treasurer, has vast experience working as the marine superintendent (ship building) for Wallem Ship Management Inc. based in Hong Kong. His all time enthusiasm is a great motivator and his eye for detail keeps our balances in check.

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After completing my school, I joined the J.J. School of Art and I studied for five years before completing my graduation, after which I started working as a commercial artist in an advertising agency. I later went to Dubai for a year and then I came back to Mumbai. I used to drink alcohol regularly and in 1993, I gave up drinking, which was quite tough, and then joined Alcoholics Anonymous. Slowly I started smoking. That was ruining me and I was slowly losing control over myself. I was even shouting at my mother a lot, which is why I went to rehab. Through God's blessing I was able to overcome the habit, although I still in depression. I then joined COOJ and that made me feel much better. Now at the age of 48, I can say that I am feeling happy after joining COOJ, all the sessions we have and the games make me feel like it's my second home. I was given opportunities to revisit art by making paper bags, cards and painting on gift bags etc. I feel nice to say that I like COOJ as it brings me out of my shell.
Dylan Arthur